New Track Alert: Deep Blue

Retro wave duo The Midnight returns with a new single – and it’s one deep throwback.

Arriving more than one year after the lead single America Online, Deep Blue serves as the second single off of the band’s upcoming record Monsters.

Graphic Design: Aaron Campbell

Sonically, it marks The Midnight’s return to their earlier, sax-driven sound – featuring a stellar saxophone on the track’s post-chorus.

As opposed to their earlier work, on Kids, the band’s latest album release, the fan-favorite saxophone was found missing.

So, fans looking for a throwback into the world of Nocturnal’s sax-filled melancholy needn’t look any further – Deep Blue is just the treat for you.

In contrast with America Online, the new single sports the familiar soft vocals of Tyler Lyle, the band’s lead vocalist and lyricist, who sings about the bloom of an unexpected romance on the Tim McEwan produced Dream wave track.

And although the track lacks the sonic innovation of the lead single (the vintage flute on America Online is a discography highlight), Deep Blue is a catchy teaser of the band's new LP, scheduled for a July 10th release.

Stream Deep Blue via the platform of your choice here.

Monsters is now available for pre-order.